Maya Connors


Wie sich erinnern [...] 

Katja Lell • 2020 • 10 Min • HD/Super 8 • Color

How to remember images that had to be left behind, a language that we cannot speak any longer or the taste of tomatoes from our former garden in Russia? The film reconstructs my family's gardens in Russia 1974/1994 and Germany 2019. The narration in the film circulates around fragments of memories, between strangeness and familiarity, distance and proximity. We raise our voices to reimagine another garden, a different language and a new home in a space in-between.


Flexible Bodies

Louis Fried • 2019 • 18'53 min • HD/16mm • Color

In FLEXIBLE BODIES a high-rise building protrudes out of its surroundings as a strange object. It's the (already dated) materialized utopia of an ideal workspace, dreams of career opportunities and selfoptimization echoing through the hallways. In and around the building bodies converge: working, exercising, growing. While we follow a woman through the building, the question arises which bodies here are real or if what we are seeing is part of an elaborate plan or just part of someone's phantasy.