Maya Connors

Diary of an Organism (newly translated)

2019 • Film • 11'20 min • Super 8/MiniDV/Footage

In biology, an organism is any individual entity that exhibits the properties of life. It is a synonym for life form. A life form travels across the universe and lands on this planet.
Who it is, what it looks like, remains unclear. It could be many, it could be everywhere. Children, a meteorite, algae, fish, old women, the character Ophelia from Shakespeare's Hamlet or a computer program.
Diary of an Organism is a footage film in various senses: made out of images found in Internet archives, of own images and text fragments, remnants of several former films never used, but always remembered. Different forms of collecting, archiving, remembering and organizing dehierarchically shape the films rhythm becoming a sensory impression, "gelatinous", like the jellyfish in it.